Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blue Fuchsia!

I love the color combination of blue and fuchsia. Here are some inspiration pictures for any one doing blue and fuchsia for an event.

Glow Baby Glow!!!

Here are some pictures of a birthday party i did recently. My client asked for something new and exciting!So we did all different color centerpieces. It looked amazing in person. I had so much fun setting up for this event. Enjoy the pictures!
We can do any color centerpiece!!

All feather centerpieces are over 4 feet tall

Our Trumpet vases are 32" high

Beautiful Feather centerpieces!

When the lights are dim, the centerpieces become the center of attention!


The pink one is my favorite.
I love Pink!!

Bridal show at the Chestnut Club in Philadelphia!

Wow, what a crazy weekend. We just got back from PA this weekend. We did a Bridal show at the Chestnut club in Phila were our Centerpieces were featured in the "Rock the Ailes" show!  The Chestnut Club is a beautiful, chic, and modern catering hall.  Enjoy the pics!

glow in the Dark centerpices

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NEW!!! Marie Antoinette feather Pens

Hi Everyone!
We are selling these wonderful Marie Antoinette inspired feather pens!!! If Marie Antoinette was alive today, she would have one in every color!! These feather pens are hand made and have a large 23"-30" male plume feather attached to them. These feather pens are great for sign-in books used for:Weddings, sweet sixteen's Birthday parties, Bar/bat mitzvah's and much more !!

Diamond Encrusted Feather pens come in every color!

please go to for pricing
Girls just LOVE the  Marie Antoinette feather Pens

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Turquoise Blue Feather centerpieces

I'm such a sucker for Fantasy!! I love anything that is beautiful and vibrant!! I saw this picture and the bright turquoise colors reminded me of an event i recently did.

Black and White Theme feather Centerpieces

I love the colors black and white together. The contrast of both colors together creates such a beautiful effect. I wanted to experiment with different variations of black/white centerpieces. Here is what I  came up with.

Palace of Versailles Feather Centerpieces

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Feather Centerpiece blog! I hope you get inspired!
I LOVE creating beautiful centerpieces for all types of events. We recently created a 18th century inspired feather centerpiece for a Masquerade wedding. it was also inspired by Marie Antoinette. It was AMAZING!!!!! It felt like we were at the palace of Versailles.I just love this. We used our beautiful gold candelabras which are 32" tall. When you add the feathers to them, the entire centerpiece is over 4 feet tall. They are absolutely breath taking!!!

I Love Feather Centerpieces